Saturday, October 24, 2009

Erin & Jamas Gwilliam Family....

Ok...look at this "picture perfect" family! These mom and dad are just plain beautiful! We had an amazing morning taking photos at the Leo Carrillo Ranch. Thanks so much Erin & Jamas.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Austin to visit family...the Bryson's

Kellie and her wonderful husband, Jeremy.

I went to Austin, Texas to visit my daughter Kellie and her family. Emma had her 8th birthday, what a celebration! Of course we had to take photos...I miss them, we're so far away.

Kellie and Jeremy Bryson Family

Natalie, Jeremy, Kellie, Emma, & Dani
Natalie is 11 years old. She is wise AND beautiful!

Kellie and Jeremy Bryson

Emma and Dani

This beautiful young lady is Emma, my grandaughter who just had her 8th birthday.
Happy Birthday Emma.
I call this "Dani's mean face!" It's hard not to laugh when she give you this look and stomps her foot. Dani is almost 4 years old.
Dani, you have a nice daddy who loves to play with you.
The Bryson Family with their friends the Checketts...
All are finished with taking pictures. THE END!

The Gwilliam Family photos...simply beautiful!